Is there a way that I can see all my 'orphan' products in ezimerchant 5?



  • Joachim Schiller

    Thanks for the question Lynn. It's not currently possible. It's a good suggestion.  I've moved your question to the Feature Requests forum section.

  • Dave

    Seems to me that this would be a very necessary feature that should be added.

  • Nic

    I noticed this too, when exporting feeds, obselete categories also cause a problem, especially in shopmania etc.

    I wish we could download products into a spreadsheet and then upload again when corrections are made!

  • Dave

    For me, obsolete categories that have been deleted are still visible through google searches for some reason. Worse still is they are not cached pages and are still actually operational. This seems to be a major glitch/issue  that could cause all sorts of problems, especially if the product has been removed but is purchasable through this method. Needs to be fixed and fixed fast.

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