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A "Continue Shopping" Button to avoid cart abandonment and improve sale completions?



  • Patricia

    Well, at eximerchant's speed, the shortest time possible might be in around 2 years... :(


  • Joachim Schiller

    Thanks for the feature request Dave. Great suggestion.

    There is a solution which achieves exactly what you need. I have posted an article Show message instead of cart page when adding to cart which achieves what you describe.

    It is best combined with a mini cart, which is also quite straight forward to implement. I'll post a template tip for implementing a mini cart later this weekend.

  • Joachim Schiller

    As promised the mini cart template tip has been posted.

  • Dave

    Hi Joachim,

    Thank you for adding the template tip and show message thread. In record time too! :-)

    Now I just need to wrap my head around it and try to implement it. All part of the learning curve.

    It was great to have an open and frank discussion the other day and really hope that our communication can continue in that fashion. I look forward to a few more of these simple improvements in the future.




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