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Tax Invoice to print and send out with our online orders



  • Gerald

    Regarding printing out invoice, the most and efficient way, is by making the order confirmation page, be the taxed invoiced receipt for your customers, with this method they will get the invoiced email directly to their email without you printing out any orders receipts to send to your customers, Now it's just a matter of adding your ABN and changing a few words within the confirmation page to state " Tax Invoice" 

    I will also get my designer to post detail instructions on how this can be done for other clients/customers that has never accessed their the confirmation page template file.

  • Pratap

    Hello Nerium,

    To get access for ezimerchant template files please follow the following steps.

     i. Go to the Control Panel

    ii. Then Content menu on the left

    iii. Then there is Template tab where you can find 4 options to edit the files "Edit With"

          - a. Dreamweaver, b. Visual Studio, c. Windows Web Drive, d. OS X Web Drive

         -- on click of each icon you can get the details about how to connect to ezimercant files.

    iv. After connection the files go the following file

    -- template/email/orderreceived.ezitpl

         -- phone/email/orderreceived.ezitpl

    -- In that there is Subject and Content Blocks you can update Content block as per your requirement like you can edit the html tags from that page and add the ABN into that file

    Thanks and Regards,


  • Mark

    This works great. Instead of the customer simply getting an email confirmation, you can change this so it reads "Tax Invoice". This has saved us heaps of time. Been using it for a couple of years now. The order number becomes the Tax Invoice number.


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