Email for customers in stages of proccessing



  • Mohammed A Qazi

    Yes this is very a necessary feature.

  • Camille

    I would like this too. I also think along with this it would be good to have an 'Invoice" that could be printed and put with the order that is simpler and without all the information us shopkeepers need that is on the current "order" page.

  • Patricia

    Agree !!

  • Just Tools

    Also, an email notification if the stock is on order.

  • Mark Lee

    Agree with the original poster.

    Also, if possible the order shipping email should also allow the Parcel Tracking Number to be available in the email if applicable. 

  • Adam

    Confirmation email when order is sent would be extremely handy

  • Dave

    Seems that enough people are in favour of this feature. When can we have it implemented?

  • Patricia

    It would be a useful feature!!

    btw is there a forum for ezimerchant users?. or am i missing something ?

  • Just Tools

    Customers have expressed their appreciation for email updates in regards to their order. It can be time consuming for the retailer when times a very busy. This feature would be beneficial for customers & retailers.

  • AFL Footy Shop

    this is the forum Patricia, they post on all social media but not on here it seems

  • Richard Brock

    I want to provide an update on process with development on the platform. Over the last 6 months ezimerchant has moved the platform to a new hosting environment, providing a faster and more reliable solution.  Over the following 2 months we are migrating customers to a new front-end hosting environment to also provide a faster and more reliable solution.


    We will also be rolling out the new admin tool, starting to talk with merchants about beta testing the solution. This will include amongst other features more flexible shipping options, which is a request from merchants.


    As we have started to priorities feature develops, this feature is on the list. Can I check at which points would you like emails sent to customers e.g. once the payment is accepted, when the item is packed and when the item is shipped?

  • Just Tools

    Customer Alert Emails for: 

    1. Product is on order from Supplier - waiting delivery

    2. Order has been despatched.

  • Dave

    In my opinion it should be the norm:

    1. When payment has been received

    1. If product is on backorder (out of stock) though this can be controlled if the stock level function works properly

    2. When goods have been dispatched

    Note an option for inclusion of a tracer number which is then automatically propegated into the email notice would be highly beneficial and shouldnt be too hard to implement. Eg. something like Ebay offers.

  • AFL Footy Shop

    read above comment, was submitted in March 2011 !

  • AFL Footy Shop

    you guys do realise  that V4 was easy and full of features, email, newsletter, proper forum, but now you need 6 windows open for email, forum ( with no posts) shop or shops with gmail accounts. seems to me going backwards what is Ezi about that

  • Patricia

    You wikki, twitter, facebook, blog, forums, emails, etccc. support tickets . in order to follow a topic or find an answer.. What is EZI about that is its EZI to get lost in this maze..

  • Richard Brock

    I wanted to clarify a couple points about some of the correspondence on facebook and forums. I also wanted to let you know that the new admin up-grade has been completed, I am just in the process of sending out correspondence to merchants but the resulting changes to the platform and when you will see these changes.


    This new up-grade may not solve all the developments requested in the forum but provides a better platform to roll out future changes.


    The site reliability of the ezimerchant platform has dramatically improved over the past year.  We have changed our hosting environments twice in the past year to ensure we can provide our clients with a fast reliable service. Since the last change our hosting provider has been up 100%. Ezimerchant still has a couple components of our network on a legacy platform but quickly moving these across.


    There have been a couple merchants concerned about the move of email platforms. We primarily moved the email service to Google apps because a number of merchants had been using the service to “spam” their database which  resulted in all merchants emails to be blocked and breaking anti-spam laws. At ezimerchant we use the Google apps email service and can recommend a number of email campaign services that both increase the delivery rate of emails and provide you with measures of campaign effectiveness.

  • AFL Footy Shop

    with emailing at various stages of the order process all comments are correct so a list or choice of, out of stock eta is ? days, ability to copy and paste tracking info into tracking website with link saveable, and of course your order has been despatched via (choice post, ipec,aae,toll, smartsend etc, followed by tracking email once info is entered and sent. and a estimated time of delivery option chooseable

    i dont know about anyone else but i shop online a lot, and the better carts impress me a lot because as a shopper i am kept up to speed ! what every customer in the world wants, recently bought a tablet at big w website said 8-10 days delivery, had it in 2 days, chuffed ?hell yeah emails flowed with tracking etc, be the customer not the techie what would like when buying online  ? answer communication ! less chargebacks paypal disputes loss loss of sales and orders already sent

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