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Integration with MYOB



  • Luke Amery

    Hi Frank,

    We are considering an MYOB integration. However, because of the nature of MYOB (relative to Xero) it is much more difficult to create a solid integration.

    Not impossible, just more difficult.

    The big issue however, is that the ongoing support of such a service is *much* higher than the Xero integration. This starts at the very first premise, ezimerchant and Xero are both online so we can get visibility to our support and development staff from "the comfort of their cubicles" easily, and it extends right through how an integration could possibly work.

    I guess I would like to get a discussion going about how best to move forward.

    Should we make an MYOB "pay for" integration package?

  • Nick Bredhauer

    Xero inventory management is pretty limited, can you inergrate with unleashed


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