Freight flexibility



  • Luke Amery

    Agreed Paul

    Products need a "freight category" setting and services need the ability to be knocked out as a valid freight solution based on if they cover the set of freight categories based on what is in the cart.


    Now for the big question - what happens when you have a set of products that are covered by no single freight solution?

    Do we hunt for a solution and add the service costs together? Or fail the freight?


    Finally, we are working on adding the ability to add multiple package (weights and dimensions) to a single product - this will make it easier to use the box packing system when a single item results in many packages being sent. 

  • Gary hunter

    I. Like the method used by a lot of usages sites it allows for order to be completed and is noted freight is calculated on dispatch which they add to the order total after packaging. I find this fairer on both parties. At that point an invoice is mailed to the client including freight.

  • Adrian Kuys

    I agree that this would be a good solution to have this option for multiple items and large items, and may help solve some of the ongoing freight problems. With an option to have automatic freight calculation on easy items, and dispatch calculation on problem items, with an emailed invoice sent if requested, possible.

  • Frank

    For us, an option on the individual product page to select a specific rule custom freight rule would be a great feature and would make it easier and better when you want flat rate shipping on a specific product.

  • Luke Amery

    Hi Frank,

    Would an individual product rule be added to the overall shopping cart in the case someone bought multiple items?

  • Frank

    Hi Luke,

    What we need to be able to do is set a flat rate for some individual items only regardless of what other items they add to the cart.

    ie. if they buy a particular item, they freight for that item might bes $9.95 anywhere in Australia. If they have other items in the cart, they need to be charged the correct freight for those on top of the $9.95 to avoid people adding items with say $300 worth of frieght and then adding an item with flat rate and only getting charged to $9.95.

    Does that make sense?


  • Luke Amery

    It does, the good news is - we have built in such functionality from the beginning - but have not exposed it (there is a hidden form that supports your requirements on the Freight tab in the products area). I'll see what I can do about opening that out.

  • AFL Footy Shop

    just to complicate everything. it would be great to have an exception on the weight rule if the product exceeded a certain length. i currently have post and Australian Air Express freight options. works very well with a little help from James to write the rule. i had an order today AAE bag based on weight it would have all fitted into satchels for the correct weights, except 1 item was a camping chair which had to go Post too big for a satchel, if the dimensions triggered a Post option only for that item and the rest went satchel. the customer would know 1 the chair is going Post and 2 they know the rest is coming AAE rule. Post it seems for me anyway is to send it all because it is cheaper. but once the flat charge per satchel kicks in they go for the AAE satchel, so it seems to to me the flexibility seems to point toward the better freight options when affordability outweighs cheap slow Post

  • Adrian Kuys

    Surely an easy solution would be to "throw back" the freight to the website administrator for manual calculation on difficult orders, with a message going to the customer that to get the best possible freight quote, please wait for it to be manually calculated.   And allow the administrator to add the freight price into the order, then go back to the customer for authorization. At present this can't be done manually.   It seems pretty obvious to me that some orders are never going to fit rules, leaving either customer or seller shortchanged.  If customers think they are being overcharged on freight they will go somewhere else without enquiring usually, and probably never come back. So freight must be as close as possible to correct.

  • Frank

    Any news on opening up this feature Luke?

  • Sharon

    I only needed two freight options. One for within australia the other outside. Couldn't do it so no good to me.

  • Richard Brock

    Hi Sharon

    I will send you an email as this issue can easily be resolved.


  • Dave

    @ Luke

    Has that inbuilt funtionality been exposed yet?

    It has been more than 12 months and would be good to see a simplified postage funtion to negate all this individual rule thing. Dont get me wrong, the ability to input individual rules and multiple rules is great but I think they should be an option rather than the default method.

  • Just Tools

    @ Dave

    We setup our Freight System with individual rules & postcode ranges for our website. It took time to prepare but it works best for us, as we have a product ranging from 1kg to 400kg.

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