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Additional Postage Option/Step At Checkout



  • Sam

    I ve noticed that if the weight of the product exceeds 20kgs, the system will not generate a price. It skips frieght and finishes the transaction.

  • Luke Amery

    Hi Sam,

    20kgs is a limitation of Australia Post.

    You will need to add an additional freight service (this can be a custom calculation or a courier service like SmartSend)

    You can set thing up so the additional freight service only activates when an item in the cart is over 20kg.

    There is a similar restriction on the dimensions.

    The rules for regular parcel are here:

  • Luke Amery

    Hi Jayne,

    We need a bit more clarification before we turn this into a feature request.

    If you setup multiple freight services they show in the cart as an end user selection.

    When you go to the checkout the cart is still visible, so the customer can still choose a freight service all the way up to the payment step.

    If it is just a problem of not being prominent enough for your site, this is a template change, just to change the styling (or shift the freight selection from the cart to a popup as you describe).

    You can make your own template changes with standard web dev tools like dreamweaver etc..

    If this isn't your cup of tea you can always grab us at

  • Sam

    Thanks Luke.

    Assuming they are packaged in one box, yes, maximum weight and dimensions apply. how about they are in one package as an order, however they could be packed in multiple boxes. Will be good to have the option when entering the product's weight, the ability to enter multiple boxes. etc.  Just a thought. i will try to work around it.....


  • Luke Amery

    You are correct, we have adding multiple boxes to a single product on the road map.

    No time frames as yet sorry.

  • Jayne Pleysier

    Thanks Luke - Ill add that to James' list :-)


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