Bulk Movement of Products



  • Gary hunter

    Total agree with this as well as a simpler way to re sort product t within categories

  • Jayne Pleysier

    Hi guys,  how is progress with this going?

  • Jayne Pleysier

    Just checking in to see how this is all going.....is there a planned time?

  • James Livas

    You can now move whole categories to other categories now inside the 'Categories' tab with the 'Move' button. I am going to add a 'Move' button in the same way to the Product listings (ie. master list and the list inside categories).

  • Dave

    There are still issues with this. I made new categories to reduce the number and simplify navigation - then moved products from several categories into the the newly created category. Somehow the old one still persists in the background and can be accessed via a google search with all original dynamic links appearing there on the page. Problem is .....you cannot use those links to try to navigate as they are broken and link to pages that no longer exist. I have created a ticket for the issue and included screen shot examples to help clarify the issue but so far I have had no correspondence regarding this issue. This is the second time I have created a ticket for it and still no joy :-(

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