• Gerald

    Favicon can be a bit tricky at this stage, it can be done by logging into your FTP using a 3rd party FTP program such as (filezilla a free downloadable program) once you manage to login to your FTP you will then need to go into your initial directory folder which is httpdocs and from there you will be able to insert your favicon, it will need to be saved as favicon.ico and it just simply overwrite the existing favicon.ico

    Now if this something you can't do on your end we can simply add this for you, all you will need to do is send us your favicon.ico to support and we can insert that for you.

  • Patricia

    Everything is tricky with ezimerchant..  what Easy about ezimerchant.. I can probably do it down my end.. Thanks..


  • Patricia

    I'm surprised again its not something I see on all websites or that's explained in the wikki section...

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