Promotions- is it my cart or setting up product specific promotions is useless? just like this forum???




  • Joachim Schiller

    The products you have associated with your promotion are a condition. In other words, you have set the promotion up as "If any of the selected products are purchased then apply the promotion". The promotion you have specified gives 40% off the sub total. The way to give a discount off specific products is to set the price and the list price so that the discount is shown on the product pages and applied throughout the checkout flow. This makes for a far stronger promotion anyway because the buyer is more easily aware of it, without having to rely on seeing the promotion advertised,

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    There is a wiki. Please see

    We received 2 phone messages from you today, one during business hours, which was responded to. The second message was received after hours. We will respond to the latter one in the morning.

  • Patricia

    Just like I posted on fb:yes, well. That wasnt dicussed in the phone conversation.. and No i did not make 2 phone calls.. I made about 30 today and went to anwsering machine.. I left 4 messages today.. 2 messages and about 20 calls before I spoke on the phone and 10 calls or so after I spoke on the phone and left another 2 phone  messages...and also opened a ticket... I had been on the phone today since 9 am....  lost all day and i could not get the precise HOW to.  I am sorry but where in that WIKKI does it specify this :" The way to give a discount off specific products is to set the price and the list price so that the discount is shown on the product pages and applied throughout the checkout flow. "............................. I spoke to Gerald at about 2 or so pm.. he stated that in order for the offer to apply to specific products I had to manually insert each product code under conditions-Product code must be one of....  .... Now I'm setting the promotion so that when a customer enters a code that it gives them the %  off.. ....


  • Patricia

     I dont get it, you can still offer 24/7 support without outsourcing to an overseas call centre. The wiiki is useless.. it does not have the condition.. " the product code must be one of" and to manually add each code .... thats what I was told to do......  Now If have to change the list price on each  product...?? what does the promotion have to do with it?.. I want to run a promotion with a code that a customer enters and then gets a discount off the products specified... I dont want it to be publicly available to everyone .....

  • Joachim Schiller

    Sorry we don't support that at the moment, we will however take it on board for future development, alternatively if you're willing to sponsor the development of that feature we're happy to provide a quote.

  • Patricia

    I am sorry, I get it now.. not supported.. and no I am not willing to sponsor that feature. I am just going by what I was told by Gerald, and also the fact that its listed as a condition in my cart " the product code must be one of" .. and you type in the codes of the products that you supposedly want to apply to the promotion. If its not existing fine.. but dont tell me I can do things that are not yet supported..


  • Joachim Schiller

    "the product code must be one of" refers to the promotion condition. What is means is that at least one of the listed products must be in the cart for the promotion to apply. 

    You are welcome to post a feature request for "Promotion benefits restricted to specific products". That will give merchants the opportunity to comment and vote on the feature.

  • Patricia

    Useless feature if it will apply to all items order anyway... !!

    There is  already a request for it....

    Product specific promotions within orders.


    suggested this on June 26, 2012 12:05

  • Patricia

    Useless condition that is!

  • Joachim Schiller

    Thanks Patricia for pointing out the existing feature request. For anyone else who wants to vote on it, here is the link.

    There are many merchants using the product condition who would probably disagree with your opinion that it's useless. Having said that though, your feature request makes sense, so we will give the community the opportunity to comment and vote.

  • Patricia

    Why don't you invite merchants to vote individually rather than in a forum that only a small % of merchants read?....

    Make it public..  Invite all ezimerchant users to vote . More than half wont even know this was posted..

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