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Adding a site to your control panel interface after it was removed?



  • Joachim Schiller

    You have 2 email addresses registered in the system. The account you refer to in your post only had one of your emails registered against it, so only that email login would gain access. Logging in with your other email address would make it appear that the account had disappeared. I have fixed it so that both emails have access to the account.

    One of your other accounts can only be accessed with one of your emails. As you may have intended that, I have left it. You can easily invite the other email through Account > Users.

  • Dave

    Thanks for that information. What I mean is:

    Say it is Friday, or worse still the seekend, and somehow your account is removed (maybe by accident). When I say removed I mean completely removed. Dowsnt appear in your control panels.


    Is there any way you can add it back without the help of you guys as there is no customer support between 5:30pm Friday and 9:30am Monday?


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