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Help with freight setup for multiple locations.



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  • Gerald

    Hi Mark,

    This was my reply to your support ticket.

    Regarding the freight rule your in the right track if you just want to use the Australia post calculator 

    All you will need to do is instead of using the freight rule make sure you just untick freight rules,

    To do so just go into settings > freight tab > click on freight service 2 > rename it and also you will see a tick box of calculation rules, make sure that's untick then save it.

    Once save click on New and then create another rule but this time make sure instead of selecting Australia post DRC select Airmail, and again make sure calculation rules is unticked.

    This will then just use the Australia post calculator for Australia and the Airmail will be used for internationally. Let me know if your still experiencing problems but this should solve your freight issue.


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