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How do we use CRM in V5


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  • Joachim Schiller

    There are several options for sending out campaigns in ezimerchant after you have upgraded from version 4.

    Use Google Contacts Integration

    You can use the Google Contacts integration of ezimerchant, which can then be connected to from most of the popular emailing systems. MailChimp for example has Google Contacts support. Setting this up is very easy:

    1) Go to the Connect menu in ezimerchant

    2) Click Connect next to Google Contacts

    3) Authorise ezimerchant to synchronise your contacts with Google Contacts

    That's all there is to it. Your Customer details will be automatically keept synchronised with Google Contacts, which in turn MailChimp can use to maintain the email list.

    Use ezimerchant V4

    After upgrading, ezimerchant V4 is in migrated mode, which means menu items are linked to V5. This is easily removed by clicking "Remove Upgraded Flag" in the Merchant menu.

    If you are using ezimerchant V4 to download orders, it is important to change it back by clicking "Set Upgraded Flag" in the Merchant menu prior to downloading orders, otherwise it will attempt to download orders from the V4 server, which is no longer receiving them since you upgraded your site.

    While the upgraded flag is removed, you can use ezimerchant V4 as you did in the past. Just change it back and forth as needed


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