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  • Patricia

    Hi Steve, I am in the same boat.  Did you find a web design company?... anyone has any recommendations?.

    I chatted to http://www.cyberdesignworks.com.au/

    They seem pretty expensive, but good. out of our budget for now.



  • Julie Rayner

    Hi Steve,

    I actually didn't use a web designer .... did it myself and I'm very proud of the result.  People in general also seem to be fairly happy with it.  I used Weebly.com.  They have a huge range of templates and options for design.  There is nothing you cannot do inside Weebly.com.  They start with a free level and work up to really funky hosting and design solutions.  At the very least, take a look at their site.

    Good luck,


  • Patricia

    Hi Julie, Just curious, did u get your website designed with weebly, but hosted with ezimerchant or managed to get it to work with the ezimerchant shopping cart?



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