how do i get google shopping working




  • Gerald

    Hi Paul,


    Regarding this issue we strongly recommend that you send an email to since this is a support issue.

    What I can get you to do is, in your connect screen can you please disconnect from google product search and reconnect sometimes this should fix the issue, but if you continue to have the same problem email us on the support email so that we can track the progress of that ticket :)

  • AFL Footy Shop

    great guys, all you need is a google account and go to merchant center, and its good to set up

    but you have to activate your products, publish first and you are there

  • Brian

    Guys, I may have missed something, I have connected, i think I have my merchant account going, but how does one activate the products?

  • Gerald

    Hi Brian,

    I had a look and looks like your connect so it's all good, what you will need to do is, in your sites & domains section in ezimerchant you will see a google shopping attached to it, to publish your site all you will need to do is tick the tick box on the far right hand and hit publish this will then publish all your products to google shopping, it may take awhile for it show up in google as they will need to run the feed but publishing in your 'sites & domains" will continue to keep your listing updated :)

  • Dave

    Am I missing something here? I went to my Sites & Domains tab to ensure that I have also done this ......but there is no option that I can see regarding Google Shopping. I see one (1) tick box on the far right of my business name but it is not titled anything. Is this the tick box you refer to?

  • Brian


    Can you email me sometime... , thanks Brian

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