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Why wont my product descriptions save?




  • Gerald

    Hi Rikki,

    Regarding upgrading to version 5 from your current version is for free, as it will give you a chance to play around with the control panel and decide whether v5 is for you, the price model is based on your product listing

    Regarding saving your products what browser are you using to access the ezimerchant control panel? another thing you can do is update flash player on your browser. Saving changes to a product should change as we are not aware of any issues regarding the saving functionality.

    If you continue to have the problem of saving please email us on and will try to get it resolved for you.

  • Rikki K

    Thanks Gerard. I have swapped back to old laptop using Vista and IE8. Saving works fine now (except for images). Must have been a problem with IE9.


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