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i want to start setting up a website,




  • Allan Dow

    I used the CD based Professional quite a while ago. Today I found a use for it again. But coming to web I see is now web based????

    Now it appears I need to get a 3rd party package to develop templates OR use your 'crew'.


    Am I missing something??

  • John Hawke

    I rang the support desk, someone promised me an activation code and a bill ...i gave my email address and i get this back...

    it is probably fun in sydney to stuff people around... but where i am, time is money... if i can't get the website so that i can at least start to load it this weekend or use it by the end of today... i will have go somewhere else...

    John W Hawke

  • Gerald

    Hi Alan,

    Regarding re-using your ezimerchant professional cd you are still able to use that program, though if your starting up a brand new site then i'ts ideal for you to use the new version of ezimerchant, but it's entirely up to you, with the new web based program there are a few standard templates that you can use, and If you have basic knowledge of HTML,you do have access to the standard templates if you wish to edit your template, but we do have our in house designer that can help or create a template for you, hope this clears a few things for you :)

  • Gerald

    Hi John,

    I have sent you an email before of details we need from you before providing you with the license key, but not sure why you didn't get it, I have now emailed you again for the requirements we need from you, hope to hear from you soon, so that we can get you up and running :) 


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