how do i change the font size in v5 and colour




  • Gerald

    Regarding Changing the font size and colour, what font size and colour do you have in mind cause what we can do is just style it in the template so that you wouldn't to worry about it, as it will be a default colour and font size across your site, so it's more consistent. 

  • AFL Footy Shop

    well default font size 3 please, however in the html editor you really need font size and colour as every time you cut and paste, you get a different colour . i often use 2 colours and different font sizes, as you could do in V4, same as that would be the business, and would add back some of the lost functionality from V4. not to mention making life easier for us

  • Gerald

    Since this has been a popular demand we have inserted this now to your description field so you are now able to choose your own colour text and font size, good start of the long weekend.

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