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Up selling




  • Gerald

    regarding cross selling, we haven't yet implemented this yet but definitely on the developers plate :)

    but another thing we can add for you is a random products appearing in your cart, just like what we have done to your home page with your gone gone category. We can replicate that into your cart obviously, it would act as a suggestions to also get that item, it may not partner with that item in the cart but at least it show random items that they may want to add to the cart.

  • Jayne Pleysier

    hmm I like that idea then - I can just out a few items in there and that will b the same really


    Im not sure ow to do this though and how to get it done.......

  • Gary

    What stage is the cross selling at ?

  • Gerald

    It is in the developers road maps to be done and are the current features are looked at on a monthly basis and will need to get implemented, but this feature is definitely a great selling tool that our developers will implement in the near future.

  • Mark

    I've put a list of things on my View Cart page as an upselling idea and it works very well. Could work fror you too. Look here... 


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