Free Postage on Some products




  • James Livas

    Hi Sue,

    The easiest way to do that is the have a freight rule that captures anything greater than 1 gram to use your normal freight calculation.

    That way you can make the products that you want to be free weigh nothing (enter 0 in the weight field) and off you go.

  • Kevin Keegan

    Hi James,

    Is there a way to give free shipping to Australia but charge for New Zealand and UK??

  • James Livas

    Hi Kevin,

    This is possible. Just choose the Freight Services option then add a freight rule for the region of 'Australia' and set it up for $0 postage. You can then create other international regions in the same service, or just create another freight service using one of the international freight calculators.

  • Kevin Keegan

    Thanks, thats fantastic.

    Is there somewhere I could see a few examples as this would make things a bit easier for me to understand.

  • Gerald

    Here is  Link That should help you create Freight and get you started.

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