Can't publish shopping cart




  • James Livas

    Sorry for the delay in getting an answer. Are you publishing a full ezimerchant site or a using our Wordpress Plugin?

  • Steve

    Thanks James

    I have sorted it out using the WP Plugin, I think I have it right ..... I have palced a photo and a button that links to Ezimerchant it that simple 



  • James Livas

    There are many ways you can go about integrating with your existing site. If you only have a few products doing it the way you described is fine.

  • Health Solutions

    Could you please expand on how to put a store on a WP site.  I have installed the EZI Plugin, but nothing is showing up?

  • Joachim Schiller

    When using the wp-ezimerchant plugin, a post can become a product. There is a checkbox "This post is a product", which makes it possible to set a price and other product related information for the post. When you save the post, it will have a buy button, which can be used to purchase the item directly from the blog post.

  • Health Solutions

    Ok, got that, thanks.

    And if I want people to click on a 'SHOP' button, where do I get the url from, that will send them to my ezimerchant shop front (like it appears on the facebook page) , so they can see all my products at once?

  • Joachim Schiller

    Your Wordpress blog with the wp-ezimerchant plugin can be used in isolation or together with a shop front published from ezimerchant. You don't have to have a shop front website to transact, but if you do that can certainly be linked to. You can get the YRL by clicking the Globe in Sites & Domains in the ezimerchant Control Panel. If you need any assistance setting up the shop front please send us an email at

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