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Problem with the subcategory feature ????



  • Joachim Schiller

    It's not a case of the feature not working. The ezimerchant template system is really quite unlimited regarding what is possible. What you describe is a limitation of the template, not a limitation of ezimerchant. The product gallery template has only been applied to product pages, not to category pages. I can see that this would be a useful addition though, so I have raised it internally as a feature request.

  • Dave

    Hi Joachim,

    Any idea as to whether this will be implimented, and if so, when?

    We adjusted the way that my photo gallery will show but I would still like to use this feature that seems to be inbuild but had not had the funcionality turned on yet.




  • Dave

    Still waiting for the product gallery option on the subcategory feature.


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