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  • Patricia

    I Totally agree!!

  • Patricia

    well, ebay seems to be not working yet.. :(

  • AFL Footy Shop

     don't they say no news is good news ? not in this case i expect

  • Gerald

    Hi Guys,


    These are great ideas,

    And rest assure that we are working on news letters and other ways to keep the merchants updated on the upcoming features, So definitely expect this to happen.


    As for eBay side of things our developers are pushing it through so looks like it would be fully functional with the next week or so, please understand that this is not an easy coding line to produce hence a lot of time spent on trying to make sure that the integration goes smoothly without a hitch. 

    Thanks for your thoughts and concerns.

  • Richard Brock

    This is a similar email to the post I added to another comment within the forum.

    I am the new country manager for ezimerchant. I would agree that in the past the forum has been of little value. I hope with recent changes that you will start to see differences here at ezimerchant.

    You should start to see more information being provided on the support pages, and this will only increase over time.

    I have been busy working on communications through facebook ( www.facebook.com/ezimerchant) and Twitter ( www.twitter.com/ezimerchant). If you are not joined one of these communities I suggest you check them out.

    I plan to start communicating more regularly with our customers through all communication channels and show through our actions channels that have been taking place.




    Richard Brock

  • Dave

    Good to see a proactive attitude to it all Richard.

    Unfortunately facebook and twitter are of little use to me as I spend quite a large chink of my time overseas (China mostly) and neither of these sites are accesable from there.

  • AFL Footy Shop

    Ebay has been coming soon ever since V5 came into being

  • Dave

    Hey Patricia,

    Can you email me please?

    Email is sales@b4bfishing.com.au


  • AFL Footy Shop

    another year has passed, where retail is dying, ebay may have been a savior to many of us. over it fix it or dump it

  • Dave

    March 12th 2012 - You guys say that the eBay integration should be operational in a week or so (see above posts). I seriously doubt that was a realistic projection.

    It has been 10 months now and still no eBay integration so I am guessing that it may never actually eventuate. Just be honest with us guys. If it is too difficult to make it work then maybe tell the developers to stop dicking around with it and concentrate on some other features so we can get a few other functions added to the platform.

  • Patricia

    I would say if ebay integration is not going to happen don't list it as one of the features... I haven't seen any updates in the so called communications through facebook or twitter..

    I am curious to know how many websites use the ezimerchant shopping cart.. just curiosity.. how big is this community.... and why we should stick around with ezimerchant..

  • AFL Footy Shop

    I would like Ezimerchant to use this forum not social media, as it is for them not us besides how many widows open do we need just to maybe find out what is going on, i'll need a private detective to find out !

    and yes Patricia all other shopping carts have Ebay intergrated, thats if they are not telling furffies  like some other companies  uh hmm

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