Edit Template with different Program




  • Michael

    I may sound a little stupid, but I have downloaded Komposer but can not figure out how to access the ezimerchant files with it.


  • Patricia

    mmm, I also feel a bit stupid but if anyone can tell me how access the ezimerchant files with something like composer or coffe cup I would appreciate it.

  • AFL Footy Shop

    to be honest Ezimerchant should be EZI ! and the template editor as well as image editor should be built into the program like it used to be, with a useable editor etc, would solve a lot of issues

  • Patricia

    There is the option to edit with dreamweaver.. but  who has it?.. and its expensive as well.. Plus u need to know how to use dreamweaver..

  • Joachim Schiller

    Another free editor is Microsoft Expression Web 4, available for download from http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=36179.

  • Patricia

    Expression web doesn't seem to be a WSYSWG editor, can you at least recommend an FREE WSYSWG for people that are not developers or familiar with HTML or CSS or whatever.  Why doesn't ezimerchant have a simple template editor.. ?..

  • Craig

    Has there been any update on a editor for "Not-So-Ezi"merchant? Why do we have to go digging into code to edit pre-existing templates to make a colour change and don't even think about making your site looking completely different.

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