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  • AFL Footy Shop

    availability, stock levels

  • James Livas

    By clicking the arrow next to the 'edit' button there is a button called 'Stock' clicking this button will allow a bulk stock update of the items inside ezimerchant.

    Would you want availability as an option in the regular edit or as a separate bulk edit?

  • AFL Footy Shop

    sorry James i mistook bulk for searching say i have 20 products the same but different colours say and search them, they all sort of bulk list. to have the bulk list features work in search for products would be fantastic, and speed up changing availability and stock level in one swoop.
    i bulk edit in that way anyway

  • James Livas

    I have now added the current bulk edit options to the search. I will try to add availability soon as well.

  • AFL Footy Shop

    if it is not too late bulk price edit would be really good. to be able to increase or decrease by %  Globally

  • Camille

    I would definately like to be able to bulk edit the availability of items. It is so time consuming at present!

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