If version 5 is web based, how will I edit my template?




  • Allison McLean

    Dear Gerald

    I am editing the email template that the customer gets to notify them.  I cannot seem to get my images to display - neither the product images ( which do display in the cart) or the logo images I have inserted into the order confirmation.

    Any tips?

  • AFL Footy Shop

    id be keen to know too, not holding breath tho

  • James Livas

    If you include a full URL to the image your referencing in the email. The image should display in the email with no problems.


    <img src=" [http://ezimerchant.com/site/assets/template/images/logo.png](http://ezimerchant.com/site/assets/template/images/logo.png)"/>

  • Allison McLean

    Hi James

    Yes that is what I thought - the issue is for us what is the url I guess.  For instance is it https//secure.ezimerchant.com/xxxxx/template/images/logo.png or is it http://ezimerchant.com/site/assets/xxxxx/template/images/logo.png?  with the xxxx being our account number.  I can't seem to figure it out.


  • Allison McLean

    Alternatively should all non ezimerchant files be accessed from a non exzimerchant site i.e. should I set these files up under my own website and access them from that?

  • Gerald

    Hi Alison,

    Yes the xxxxx is your merchant number in the top right of your ezimerchant next to 'Current Account'

  • James Livas

    You can reference images on your current site in the email templates. Considering there is already a logo on there that you can reference - you could use that in your image reference, e.g:


    If you want to reference an image you put into your ezimerchant template directory you can reference: 


  • Allison McLean

    So I can definately see the images, in the orderreceived.ezitpl file, when reviewed live and with safari, however the emails still arrive in the customers inbox without an image. I am sure it is something simple but I don't know what it is that I am doing wrong.  Any ideas appreciated and to this end I have attached the local file? Also any ideas how to get the current date to appear in the email?  I'm using the insert DATE function in dreamweaver CS5 but it is inserted in a table. 


                    <td height="129" align="center"><!-- #BeginDate format:Am1 -->March 2, 2011<!-- #EndDate --></td>

                    <td align="center">

    <tr>                <td height="129" align="center"><!-- #BeginDate format:Am1 -->March 2, 2011<!-- #EndDate --></td>                <td align="center">


  • James Livas

    I don't think the 'date' function is going to work in dreamweaver. If you want to expose the date the order was placed in the email template, we should be able to do that with the {date} tag.

  • Allison McLean

    Thanks James finally got the images to display in email.  It seemed that if I used .jpg instead of .png then the email would display them.  Saying that it might have been some other combination of changes that did the trick.

    Can we get ezimerchant to reset our templates?  

  • James Livas

    Yes, we can push them back to the default templates again. Would you like me to do that now?

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