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ezimerchant support over the Christmas period



  • steve

    Are you back yet, because my website is down?


  • Jason F

    Hi Steve, 

    We have looked into the problem you raised and it looks good now. We logged in and hit republish. Let us know if you still have issues.

  • Dave

    My two test sites have also disappeared from my control panel again and I am pretty sure they were not removed by us at this end. I am hoping that someone can provide a solution to the categories that have been removed but still persist to remain somewhere in the background - ticket has been open for weeks now.

  • Gerald

    You have 2 email addresses registered in the system. The account you refer to in your post only had one of your emails registered against it, so only that email login would gain access. Logging in with your other email address would make it appear that the account had disappeared. I have fixed it so that both emails have access to the account.

    One of your other accounts can only be accessed with one of your emails. As you may have intended that, I have left it. You can easily invite the other email through Account > Users.

  • Dave

    I definitely only had one account until about 10:30pm last night. I tried login many times with both emails. They all went back to normal at around 10pm my time last night (1am your time) or just before this.


    The problem with having two emails for the one user seems to be:


    When one email is removed it results in both emails being removed (eg the user is removed)

    I believe this is what has happened in the past.


    My question is this:

    If I have two emails on the account (both same user), can I remove one of them without it affecting the other?


    An added issue seemed to be determining which is the main email address. The reason this is an issue is that it seems that dreamweaver connection is affected by the login email. If it is wrong then dreamweaver cannot connet. If the user that has been invited is of the secondary email then dreamweaver cannot be connected. Is this the actual case?

  • Joachim Schiller

    If you remove an email from an account it will only remove it from that account. It will not remove any other emails from the account. If you remove the email you are logged in with you will be redirected to the Accounts Overview, which will show you the remaining accounts the login still has access to (if any).

    There is no primary email. Any registered email can be used for logging in to Dreamweaver.


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